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Mind Body Wellness Clinic

Brisbane based Acupuncture Everton Park 

QUIT SMOKING ONE TREATMENT offered in Everton Park and Annerley


Can help to ease and may eliminate cravings ~ Save money: Quit with a partner

If you can afford to smoke you can afford to quit!

 *Treatment now available at Everton Park and Annerley.

If you’re serious about quitting smoking you’ve probably investigated a few options to help you with this achievement. The Mind Body Wellness Clinic offers a fast and affordable one.

Acupuncture for Quit Smoking is done in one or two treatments and the session goes for 1 hour, with the needles inserted for 30 minutes. Generally provided there is no further exposure to tobacco smoke, we do the treatment once. If the habit or cravings continue, we will repeat the treatment in 2 weeks.

What to expect:

During your consultation we will look at your mental and emotional habits of smoking and teach you simple techniques to address these. We will then do the acupuncture which has a long history of treating addictions, and as acupuncture is known to enhance deep relaxation it can help to ease and may eliminate cravings. Additionally, we will give you a bottle of herbal drops that help with stress, sleep, anxiety and breaking addictions. If you really want to start living a smoke free life, call us now for more information and to book your appointment. 

Be Free!

Most people never realise how much of their time is spent smoking cigarettes, especially if they have to go outside to smoke. So focus on the extra time you know have, the extra money, your health and fitness improving, your taste buds returning, the tiredness going and the positive life gained... Now that you're Free its only going to get better! 

Mind Body Wellness Clinic

Treatments available at Everton Park and Annerley

Ph: 0402 885 109

Where to Find Us

Acupuncture Everton park

29 Braidwood St, Everton Park 4053

*Mind Body Wellness Acupuncture Clinic in Everton Park services the surrounding areas of: Everton Park, Stafford, Mc Dowall, Arana Hills, Enoggera, Alderley.